B29 Mount Bromo Tour Peak

The peak of B29, which is more familiar with people, actually has the original name of Bukit 29 Lumajang Argosari. Some people call the peak B29 Bromo, B29 Argosari, B29 Senduro or B29 Semeru. The peak of B29 is one of the hills in the area of Taman Nasional Bromo Tengger Semeru (TN-BTS) in East Java. With an altitude of 2,900 Mdpl have the highest peak on Mount Bromo Tour.

The position of the B29 peak is in the southeast of Mount Bromo. His undoubted charm for tourists enjoys the beauty of nature at Mount Bromo Tour. Especially the purpose of tourists who come to Mount Bromo Tour is to enjoy the sunset. Puncak B29 is a favorite of local and international tourists. With its presence increasing everyday visitors, also improving the economy of the surrounding residents. Start from homestays, shops that offer a variety of local specialties and snacks.

This happens not only in the peak area of ??B29 but in all places on Mount Bromo Tour. With the potential that is increasing every year, the district level government has problems with management issues. Both governments acknowledge their existence because they are considered to be able to advance the surrounding community from economic and social aspects. Apart from the problems that have been resolved, tourists who come to the top of B29 are tourists who like hiking and camping.

As long as you are at the top of B29, you will be present with natural beauty ranging from the color of the sky, beautiful line mountains, green from the natural beauty that is still awake, friendly and open citizens, to other beauties that are served directly from Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru. The top location of B29 is in Argosari village. B29 Peak is even called the most okay place of Mount Bromo Tour. Because their tourists will be able to feel directly how the country is above the sky.

Tourism that will visit the top of B29 should use private transport. Apart from the fact that is no public transport, the path that is pass is also quite extreme. But don’t forget to make sure that the transport you are using is in the best condition, from the physical and the engine. B29 Peak is the place that needs the most struggle among other places on Mount Bromo Tour. The route to get to the location is not difficult to find because there are already many people who know and there are many signposts towards the location.

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