Bromo tour package

Mount Bromo tourism is worldwide. The beauty and beauty of the world have been recognized. Almost every day tourists and traveling lovers from all over the world from both local and foreign tourists come to Bromo. They Travelers only want to see and witness firsthand the beauty of Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo Tourism is a tourist spot that is most interested in tourists who want to enjoy Nature tourism. Mount Bromo tourism is perfect for all people, especially for those who live and live in urban areas whose daily activities are busy with various activities and routines so going on vacation to Mount Bromo Tourism is very appropriate.

Mount Bromo Tourism is in a Strategic position because Mount Bromo Tourism is flanked by 4 Regencies namely Probolinggo Regency, Pasuruan Regency, Malang Regency, and Lumajang Regency. Mount Bromo tourism itself is included in the Probolinggo district. Bromo mount tourism gives a million impressions because Mount Bromo Tourism has several spots that you don’t find in other tourist attractions. Curious, we just review one by one. If you really want to enjoy the beauty and warmth of the morning sunshine with the mountainous background and at the Adrenaline pumping altitude, then Penanjakan 1 Hill in Bromo is the answer because of Penanjakan Hill 1 you will be able to see the beautiful Sunrise and you will also be pampered with super beautiful scenery because it is right under the foot of Penanjakan Hill 1, it appears Mount Bromo, Mount Batok and Mount Semeru that fascinate the eye of the beholder.

Mount Bromo tourism also has a Bromo crater which was saved by the Bromo Tengger Tribe. Bromo crater including the Mount which is still active today. Bromo crater has a special attraction for tourists, especially foreign tourists because visiting directly to the mountains that are still active is a rare thing for them so that the foreign tourists really enjoy Bromo Crater. The sand surrounds the crater of Bromo and people call it the sea of sand.

from the direction of Bromo crater, there is Padang Savana which is no less good. Padang Savana is located right on the back right side of the Mount Bromo crater. Padang Savana is very famous for Local Travelers. Along the way to Padang Savana, as far as the eye can see, there is only a stretch of Green grass that we know as Padang Savana. Another interesting thing about Padang Savana is that right in the middle of Padang Savana there is a Hill that resembles a Teletubbies film so that people call it Bukit Teletubbies.

Besides Penanjakan 1, Bromo Crater and Padang Savana Mount Bromo Tourism also have a phenomenal Ocean of Sand or whispering sand. Unlike the Padang Savana which is covered with Green grass in Whispering Sands, the opposite is just fine and that gives meaning and deep impression. Those are some of the reasons why Mount Bromo Tourism is the most visited tourist spot by traveling lovers.
To get there, we usually, need a tour package. This tour package is useful to make it easier to arrange winding routes and always maintain security and convenience. But on the other hand, the cost factor sometimes feels burdensome for prospective tourists. For this reason, a number of Bromo tour packages are provided with a choice of each that is interesting to choose from.
There are a number of travel companies that can be ordered to become one of the tour packages in Bromo with price options that can be customized with personal bags or group fees.
The beauty of the sunrise and the sea of clouds is very dear if passed, adventure and tour around the area of Mount Bromo using a jeep that makes tourism in Bromo more exciting.

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