Favorite Destination Spot in Mount Bromo Tour

So what can we do in the tourist area of Mount Bromo? Many places that we can go to when we are in the area of Mount Bromo. But most of the special ones come to Mount Bromo because they want to see the beauty of the sunrise from the summit of Mount Bromo. So these are some of the places we must visit Mount Bromo tour.

Mount Bromo Crater
Witnessing the beauty of the sunrise from the top of the Mount Bromo crater is the dream of the tourists who come. This is the destination of a place commonly visited, where we can see the crater of Mount Bromo which has a diameter of 800 meters. To be able to get to the crater, besides being able to walk, we can also rent a lot of horses there. The journey will stop when we see 250 pieces of stairs which are our access to the crater. The natural beauty that we see from the summit of Mount Bromo is amazing where we will be able to see the Batok mountains and the Tengger mountains.

Padang Savana Mount Bromo (Teletubbies Hill)
Other tourist attractions in the area of Mount Bromo tourism are Padang Savana. Padang Savana itself is a very broad hill with very green grass. This place is often called the Teletubbies hill because the shape of the hill is very similar to the hill in the children’s film. With a comfortable and cool atmosphere, the Bromo Teletubbies hill is one of the unforgettable experiences especially in the morning of the children’s participants.

Ocean of Sand (Whispering Sand)
In addition, we will find a stretch of grass on a hill, in this area, we will also find a vast expanse of sand that looks to form a beautiful stripes painting. According to the stories of people who have been to Padang Savana, that if we attach our ears to the surface of the sand we eat as if listening to the sound of whispers from the sand. Unique isn’t it?
Because travel and vacation in the Mount Bromo tourist area will certainly be more than 1 day, then consider also looking for a place to stay that is close to the area. So if we are tired all day exploring the tourist attractions on Mount Bromo, we will immediately be able to take a break. Because it is a tourist area, many hotels have been built near the area. Below are some hotels and inns in the area.

Facilities from the Mount Bromo Tour package
The Bromo Tour package that we provide has available complete facilities, including the driver fee and Bromo entrance ticket, so you don’t need to worry anymore with additional fees. However, there are optional activities during the Bromo Trip that you can choose from, but pay extra, among others Rent a Horse in Bromo, Personal shopping (typical Bromo flowers) and Favorite destinations around Bromo

As part of the province of East Java, there are many tourists who on their visit to Mount Bromo also visit several tourist attractions in other cities. For example, Sempu Island in Malang is also widely known for its natural beauty and beautiful lagoon.

The tour package in Banyuwangi is also famous for its Ijen tour, where you can see its massive blue fire. Some other beach tours in East Java include Sukamade Beach in Banyuwangi, Rajug West Beach, Tanjung Papuma Jember Beach, Pasir Putih Beach Situbondo, and several other beaches.

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